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retpally wrote in cataclysm_beta
My little Tauren paladin is only lvl 31 but I just finished the Krom'gar Stonetalon quests!

MY WARCHIEF :D Crater? What crater?

Okay so you're going through Stonetalon, you're disrupting alliance forces, you're saving peons, you're spreading voodoo, you're stomping around in a Big Daddy suit using a flamethrower on tightly-packed groups of gnomes.. etc... FINALLY you get to see what "The Bomb" is all about!

Turns out it's all about treachery and murder!


Lol I really loved the Krom'gar questline. I wasn't sure where it was gonna take me when I first entered Stonetalon but oh man it paid off. The zone-wide ranking system was interesting because it felt like I was constantly building towards something. I LOVED how I got to wear a tabard for it too! Okay it was the ugly IoC tabard, but it was still a tabard! :P

Initially I was concerned about how phasing would work in the old world but in this case what they did with it was amazing. Spoiler: they drop the bomb lol.

Didn't see the story twist near the end either! I was sooo sad lol. Poor Chieftan! :(

At the moment Krom'gar is still alive but only at the Fortress. I'm not sure if the phasing is supposed to spread out to there too but it would be cool. Maybe have all the soldiers sitting around disorganized after the army is disbanded? Idk.

Anyway I think this zone really drives home how militarized the Horde has become. It's not just a bunch of scattered camps and tents anymore, it's a bunch of fortresses and factories! While I'll always love the familiar "raw, untamed" atmosphere of the Horde, I like watching it become more organized.


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Yeah I haven't rolled any lowbie alliance yet but I'm super excited to see the new stuff on the blue side too. I saw spoilers for the CSI questline and omg I can't wait!

I've always had trouble leveling alliance because it's unfamiliar and I never got into the storyline, but I think Cata will change that! If the new alliance quests are even half as fun as the new Horde stuff I'll be in for a real treat. :D

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