Vash'jir workaround for one bug
I made some progress in Vash'jir yesterday, but there was one spot where it wasn't easy or intuitive.

I've gone blank on the name of the NPC you need to find, but you're sent to find him in a ruin where he was going to watch Naga activities. When you follow the in-game maps you'll find a question mark on the map, but no sign of a character on or above a stone platform.

The reason is that he is currently inside the platform, with no sign of anything to click. You do not need to abandon the zone until they get a fix done!

Do a "/tar" command for the NPC's name. This will give you a window for him, though you can't talk to it. Assign a Raid symbol to him. The top of this symbol will show on the platform. Stand as close to it as you can and right click until you get an interaction window. It may take several clicks, but this will allow you to turn in and receive quests from him.

Good luck!
--Silverbeard (Beta region name)

Does anyone else notice the blue "Alt-left click to leave feedback" text is gone from mobs/npcs/quests right now? Or is it just me? o_o; I only notice because my warrior's currently stuck in phase limbo and I can't do anything lol.

New/Old NPCs?
I've really enjoyed the new leveling experience so far, and part of that is getting to know some of the new NPCs. I don't usually read quest text but since this is Beta I feel kinda obligated lol.

My favorite pleasant(?) surprise thus far...Collapse )

So what's your favorite new/old NPC so far?
Do you like where Cata has taken them in the story? :3

Maintenance this afternoon
Amiyuy, Adele, Eula, Hunter, Druid
"We will be wiping all pet data for hunters and warlocks to fix a data corruption issue. Hunters will need to tame new pets as a result of this change, while warlocks should simply notice that their pets' names have changed." - Source
So when you log in and don't have a pet, that's why. :P

And keep this in mind for the future, not sure if it's for today:
New Launcher that will change how the game is downloaded will require a re-install of the Beta client - Source and FAQ

Here's to hoping they'll fix trainers too. *crosses fingers*

Worgen not ready for prime time yet?
I have to wonder.

I was lucky and got a F&F invitation to Cataclysm some while back. As you know, female Worgen haven't been available at any time in the process of testing thus far. Male Worgen were available and I made some toons, customizing their appearances, and they looked pretty decent. There was the unexpected element that it was only possible to choose how the wolf side looked, and the human appearances I saw were not very impressive.

At that time, Gilneas was also broken, with quests that couldn't be finished blocking any progress beyond about level 3 for many classes.

As chains got fixed it was possible to move on. Initially, almost immediately after being changed you could learn an ability to transform between beast and human forms. This ability was taken away shortly before the public Beta began. I haven't gotten a Worgen to a high enough level yet to find out when that skill will be given to us. Has anyone found that yet, and are there any hints from Blizzard as to whether it will be adjusted for level yet again?

Because of Real Life stuff I shan't bore you with, I've missed way too much testing time. I was startled to check a Worgen toon a week or so ago and discover it had been uglified. At this point all my baby Worgen look like furry miniature abominations, with elements of human and beast forms merged in a really nasty way.

My guess (and prayer) is that this is a transitional form, and that sometime (soon, I hope!) we get to learn how to switch forms, and at that time we will have a "real" beast form as well as a human form. Has anyone heard anything about this?

From the number of issues that still seem to be present with the Worgen race I've been wondering wer really can get it in Cataclysm. Maybe Blizzard is hiding a set of major magic patches that will correct and clarify all the problems and questions with the Worgen, but right now it's not clear to me whether they can provide it for testing and get useful analysis done before the time when they are likely to be finalizing Cataclysm for release. I really hope they have wonderful things up the Blizzard development sleeve, because there are a lot of things I'd like to experiment with as a Worgen. (Like being a druid. I've never been a druid before, and the added shape-shifting could be really cool on this class!)

My little Tauren paladin is only lvl 31 but I just finished the Krom'gar Stonetalon quests! [Horde] Stonetalon goes boom...Collapse )

Anyway I think this zone really drives home how militarized the Horde has become. It's not just a bunch of scattered camps and tents anymore, it's a bunch of fortresses and factories! While I'll always love the familiar "raw, untamed" atmosphere of the Horde, I like watching it become more organized.


(no subject)
I just completed the Abyssal Ride quest in Vash'jir now it's been fixed, and there seems to be no quests after. Am I missing something or haven't they implemented any yet?

Also, for those maxed out on fishing and cooking there are new dailies in Stormwind, next to the Stockades. :)


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