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Vash'jir workaround for one bug
baron_elric wrote in cataclysm_beta
I made some progress in Vash'jir yesterday, but there was one spot where it wasn't easy or intuitive.

I've gone blank on the name of the NPC you need to find, but you're sent to find him in a ruin where he was going to watch Naga activities. When you follow the in-game maps you'll find a question mark on the map, but no sign of a character on or above a stone platform.

The reason is that he is currently inside the platform, with no sign of anything to click. You do not need to abandon the zone until they get a fix done!

Do a "/tar" command for the NPC's name. This will give you a window for him, though you can't talk to it. Assign a Raid symbol to him. The top of this symbol will show on the platform. Stand as close to it as you can and right click until you get an interaction window. It may take several clicks, but this will allow you to turn in and receive quests from him.

Good luck!
--Silverbeard (Beta region name)


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