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New/Old NPCs?
retpally wrote in cataclysm_beta
I've really enjoyed the new leveling experience so far, and part of that is getting to know some of the new NPCs. I don't usually read quest text but since this is Beta I feel kinda obligated lol.

One of the questgivers in Southern Barrens. So very charming! :D
This was funnier to me than it should've been lol.

As far as old NPCs, I'm so happy to see some of my favorites survived! They're like old buddies you remember from your lowbie days (which is why I almost cried during that Camp Taurajo quest LOL)!

My favorite oldbie is of course the one and only (and badass) MANKRIK! Yes that's a pile of dead quillboars around him. You uhh.. you don't want to piss off Mankrik lol.

I'm mostly glad because you sorta get the hint he won't be despairing over his wife's death forever. That cute lady orc shaman seems to care about him an awful lot... A happy ending for Mankrik? Plzplz <3

So what's your favorite new/old NPC so far?
Do you like where Cata has taken them in the story? :3

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I haven't done much questing, I've been flying around taking lots and lots of pictures, but the one that stand out to me the most so far is Fandral.

I'm really curious as to what he finally did that got him thrown under guard and in chains down in the Hyjal Barrow Dens!

It was also cool to see Jarod Shadowsong (Maiev's brother) hanging out next to Cenarius near Ragnaros' new lair. I'm curious as to what they're up to too!

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Yeah I found Fandral in there and was like WHAT'D HE DO THIS TIME LOL.

Man I love those guardian NPCs in that den. I hope druid tier looks like that. :x

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