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Maintenance this afternoon
Amiyuy, Adele, Eula, Hunter, Druid
amiyuy wrote in cataclysm_beta
"We will be wiping all pet data for hunters and warlocks to fix a data corruption issue. Hunters will need to tame new pets as a result of this change, while warlocks should simply notice that their pets' names have changed." - Source
So when you log in and don't have a pet, that's why. :P

And keep this in mind for the future, not sure if it's for today:
New Launcher that will change how the game is downloaded will require a re-install of the Beta client - Source and FAQ

Here's to hoping they'll fix trainers too. *crosses fingers*

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(Deleted comment)
1) Lol, I was wondering why that happened.

2) Yeah, I'm hoping we can actually test Call Stabled Pet and the larger stables now. I'll miss my spirit kitty. :(

I don't mind re-downloading it too much, because I do want to test out this new launcher (I'm assuming that's part of why they're going to make us uninstall and reinstall), but I don't have a slow or limited connection like some people do. :(

Judging by the e-mail (legit one) that's gone out, the uninstall/redownload is now too.

But yay for fixed hunters!

Oh, well I haven't gotten that. The forum thread about it has people saying the download is still the old client.

US download active now.

EU still in limbo.

(Deleted comment)
Try playing once it goes into the yellow, it actually works pretty well as long as you're patient and let it do it's thing loading stuff as you go. I'm impressed so far.

(Deleted comment)
Ah, lol. I haven't tried entering combat yet, just looked around some.

Well buu about the button. I just used the beta forums most of the time anyway though, because the options to through rarely "fit" what I was trying to report and it's just easier to explain it.

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